some notable things that have been said about second shift.

"Hands down, the next big band to break out of Atlanta!" - Leslie Fram, Program Director of WNNX- 99X

"The first time I saw Jonathan Baker I immediately wanted to fuck him... er... I mean he's a star." - Butch Walker, Producer / Performer / Guru

"The guitars ooze sleaze and dissipation without losing the pop appeal that bursts from these compact, hooky songs. Tunes like 'Power in Numbers' are clenched tight as a fist and carry the same hint of danger, but they're crisp and clean enough to be accessible. 'Art of Compromise' and 'Gun of a Son' call to mind the chunky pop of criminally under-appreciated Irish rockers Ash, and that's a wonderful thing. Bonus points for the kicky little stick figures in the booklet representing guest players such as ever-reliable producer Geoff Melkonian, Clay Cook and Mike Mantione." - Atlanta Journal Constitution on Boozed and Bruised

"Atlanta's alt-rock playboys." - Creative Loafing

"The band demonstrated that, in addition to its solid rock riffs and stellar live show, it also possesses another element crucial in making the move from local to national act and that's radio-ready hooks that stick in your head long after the onslaught of rock has ceased." - Roger Thomas, AOL Cityguide

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